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Lisa V - Testimonials

Lisa V - Testimonials

“Lisa has been an absolutely incredible support in my health journey helping optimise my health and wellbeing. She is very passionate about her work, expressing this in each session I've had by spending lots of time sharing knowledge and information, showing lots of care and after care followups. I would highly recommend seeing Lisa for a body sonic and quantum scan as this is a fantastic way to get a reading of your entire body inside, helping prevent illness and disease..”

"I am quite tuned into my body and conscious about diet and lifestyle, however Lisa has really helped to fine tune my health by pinpointing particular problem areas I should be focusing on. She also suggested dietary, lifestyle and supplementary measure that would assist my body to detox and heal. She is generous with information and education; is patient and kind, and passionate about her subject. Altogether it was a delight to spend time with Lisa, and I would highly recommend her services if you are interested in optimum health and healing. " - March 2022

"I would highly recommend Lisa for the quantum and body sonic scans. It was extremely interesting and informative. We tend to ignore the signs our body gives us and this has really made me aware of these. She has given so many useful everyday tips and guidance on what to consume and of course what not to I am excited for the journey! Thank you Lisa" - March 2022

"I have had both the Karnak scan and the Bodysonic Scan with Lisa and what I learnt about my body was immensely helpful. The scans brought the parts of my body that weren’t working optimally to my attention and Lisa gave me excellent, easy-to-implement health tips and advice specifically geared to my personal needs." - August 2021

"My session with Lisa was super helpful and she is such a lovely warm and caring person. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling and needs some direction to help take charge of their health 😊" - June 2021

"I was suffering from severe fatigue, insomnia, back and stomach pain to the point of making an appointment with Lisa to have a full body scan. Her detailed report, in-depth knowledge and advice was invaluable. I highly recommend anyone who is having these debilitating symptoms to contact her for a full body scan. Lisa was able to determine where my weak areas were, advising me to eliminate certain toxins that I was unknowingly subjecting my body to. To date my symptoms are minimal and I am following a healthy personalised program supported by supplements and essential oils. Lisa is a professional health practitioner with a great understanding of the mind and body. Her bedside manner is calm and encouraging." - April 2021

"I went to Lisa last week feeling like something was not great with my health. Her tests and analysis was absolutely amazing and I was shocked to see how in depth her tests can go on the human body. Thank you Lisa!! I would highly recommend seeing Lisa if you are in want or need to see where exactly your body health is and in which areas you can improve on. She also has knowledge on which supplements to take in order to improve your bodily functions as well as to check what nutrients/ vitamins your body is lacking. Will definitely see you you again to see if my health changes have improved with some practise." - April 2021

"It’s been a long time since I last came across someone who truly lives their practice the way Lisa does. She is passionate and informative and my Adrenal Support session taught me so much about my body and how to best support it through this time. I am so grateful that I got to share in Lisa’s immense knowledge, she truly is a master of her craft. I have just started the Adrenal Support Programme and I already feel like I’m on the right track again. Thank you Lisa!" - April 2021

Thank you Lisa for my bodysonic scan today. You are so passionate and informative and I appreciate the time you spent with me today. I found the scan to confirm a lot of things that I suspected. Blessings Lisa V - Nutrition & Wellness Coach - Tokai, Cape Town – October 2020

Thank you Lisa for the most enlightening health reading this morning it was amazing and I’ve learnt so much looking forward to reading what you send me and rescanning in the new year – October 2020

Thank you Lisa for the incredibly informative and surprisingly in-depth analysis of my concerns with my body. The Karnak scan takes a mere minute and the results are phenomenal. We picked up on things I was aware of and discovered things I was unaware of. I learnt that, even though I am eating healthily, what I am eating is not necessarily right for me. I also learnt that I need to be eating more frequently and snacking on foods I had not considered to be good for me!! I am still going through the very detailed report that follows the scan and all the recommendations made to get me on the right path again. I look forward to taking on board all the suggestions and implementing them forthwith. Off to do a new and different kind of food shop today...😜

Karin Shacks – March 2020

Working with Lisa was so enlightening. I think what was most helpful about her coaching style is how she empowered me to actually take action and make changes that stuck! Lisa is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, supplementation, and current science and research. She provided so many useful tools and resources that really motivated me and helped me - which I still come back to. Her coaching style is empathetic, encouraging and empowering and I couldn't recommend working with her enough!

Katie Dewhurst – March 2020

Thank you to LisaV for all her help in getting me back on track with my health journey. I went to Lisa after i destroyed my health through a 6-weeks Nov/December holiday festivities where i ate anything and everything. I was feeling sick and tired rather than well rested. When I went to see her she did health assessment on me with the Bodysonic Scan and Quantum Magnetic Analyzer. I was very impressed how these two systems provided us with a clear direction on the issues i had to work on.

She also gave me an energy treatment with Biosonic which gave me a good start to working on myself. A month later after a focused health plan I went back to Lisa for the progress assessment, I was very surprised on the improvements I have made on my health. There still a few things to work on but I am glad to be working along side Lisa and her amazing Bodysonic and Quantum Analyzer to heal myself.

Thank you Lisa and your recommendation on how to improve my Nutrients Level and work on Toxicity in the body it is really appreciated.

Renny Letswalo – February 2020

I had my first Karnak scan this morning with Lisa and it was incredible. I was so impressed with the scan and how accurate it was. Lisa is wonderful and gives you great tips and a detailed report of exactly what you should eat and do. I am so grateful. Feeling positive about my health journey thanks to Lisa.

Shannon Sharrocks – September 2019

I can highly recommend a Karnak Scan with Lisa. For anybody who wants more insight into their overall health and guidance on how to correct the not-so-on-track health issues this scan is very worthwhile. The scan is remarkably accurate and Lisa's knowledge and practiced advice will help me achieve a better version of me. Thank you Lisa

Cheri Rickett – July 2019

I recently visited Lisa to have my 1st Karnak scan! Firstly, to have her evaluate my general well-being and secondly to get a better understanding of how the Scan actually works. I was pleasantly surprised as the results were spot on!

The Karnak scan is a non-evasive, 30second scan that gives an extremely detailed analysis without the need for any blood work. I can highly recommend a visit with Lisa for a Karnak scan. Her knowledge and professionalism is outstanding! Let the results speak for themselves!

Deiane Van Jaarsveld – June 2019

I would highly recommend that everyone does a Karnak scan. The results are insightful and helpful. Both to know your health status and for early detention and areas of concern. Lisa is highly professional and knowledgeable and you’ll be in the best hands possible to achieve your optimum health and well being.

Ursula Forrest – June 2019

Such a positive, uplfting, caring, lovely lady. Highly recommended. Xx

Christina Alia – May 2019

Such an enlightening experience, learnt a huge amount and have made changes in lifestyle! I would absolutely recommend going to Lisa! Both my husband and I went and next I’m sending my kids!

Janine Binneman – May 2019

Thank you Lisa for an incredible session on Thursday. I found the Karnak Sensor scan amazingly informative and the detailed feedback I received from you was so informative. You truly go beyond what I expected to get out of the session, showing personal interest in my well-being, not only physically but my mental well being. I highly recommend your services to anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.

Mary Rodney – March 2019

I'm very impressed with Lisa and had the Karnak scan, the results were extensive, very interesting and spot on. The scan is totally painless and complete within a minute. The results were explained thoroughly by Lisa. She is compassionate and passionate. for me this scan was "preventative maintenance". I can highly recommend Lisa. I'll definitely be going for a follow up appointment.

Audrey Pollard – March 2019

What a interesting session. Didn’t think it would be this spot on and detailed. Great to learn that “health wise” I’m on the right track. I will definitely try the juice recommendation. I’m already applying the addition of soy milk and gluten free products. Thanks Lisa ...it was one for the books! Here’s to a healthier ME

Janet Gysman – March 2019

Besides the fact that Lisa gives her "all" to you the person for nearly two hours - it is done with such focus making you want to learn more about what the scan is telling her. The report that followed from Lisa was thorough and a good go to reference - I have already taken steps to rectify areas that need attention and that could be life changing - Thanks you Lisa xx

Louisa Stroebel - March 2019

What an interesting few hours , Lisa is easy to speak to and I had a wonderful assessment. She is professional and personal all at the same time . I felt that the assessment was thorough and interesting and I have come away with some food for thought and am going to change a few things in my day to hopefully achieve optimum health.

Thank you so much for the time shared , I am fascinated by the idea of natural help versus medication to help all ailments or side effects!

Having met with Lisa and had the Karnak scan, the results were very interesting! The scan is done within a minute. Lisa was extremely thorough with going through my results and explaining things really well. She is very knowledgeable, and I highly recommend her.

Lisa radiates compassion and care. Her wealth of knowledge combined with her heart for helping others makes her a natural healer. She shares her knowledge freely and guides you on a healing path with sensitivity and intuition.

I had my first Karnak scan on the 13th of August 2018. I wanted to check my overall health rather than any specific ailment.

With absolutely nothing attached to you, you would think that there is no way the Karnak is going to pick up anything. Wrong, the scan was quick and painless and the results were outstanding.

The scan picked up health issues that I did not know I had, it also picked up injuries that LisaV could not have known about. With regards to my health issues that the scan found, LisaV was informative with sound advise on how to start the work in solving the issues. I was lucky enough to have gone for Karnak scan and discovered a lot of things that were in the early stages of developing.

I highly recommend the Karnak scan, it can be beneficial for people with major health issues as well as people that would like a health check-up.


I attended Lisa’s Karnak diagnostic session and was amazed at the technology and her grasp of and interpretation of the graphs it produced. The investigation was non-invasive, and I felt totally relaxed and confident in her skills during the session.

I recommend anyone with questions regarding their own body, and who may want to get an early-warning of something possibly sinister, to attend this type of investigation on a regular basis.


What a surprisingly informative outcome from a non-invasive procedure. I cannot pretend to understand how it works, only to say that it picked up health issues that have been bothering me. I now look forward to our continued partnership in getting my health back on track.


I found the experience of having a Karnak scan fascinating. It can assess brain function, past traumas, personality types, past injuries and organ health to name a few. It accurately picked up on some old injuries I have, which I did not reveal to Lisa. I had assumed that I was in good health, but the scan revealed areas of my body that were working sub-optimally, providing me with valuable information to course-correct before my health could seriously deteriorate.


I visited Lisa for a Karnak check-up and was impressed by her professionalism and awareness of the health issues I have. The fact that she was able to pick up the issues without prior knowledge was very surprising to me. She was also able to provide a diagnosis which was far superior to anything I have received in the past from medical specialists.

I strongly recommend that anyone who feels exhausted from visiting various doctors, whilst trying to diagnose their problems, should now try Lisa's methods and remedial action.

I am already starting to feel the benefits of her treatment.