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Karnak Scan - Lisa V

What is a Karnak Scan & the Karnak Sensor

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla

The KARNAK Sensor is an electromagnetic cerebral frequency reader used to detect the health of all the organs in your body via scanning your brain.

The bio-frequency analysis (scan) conducted by the KARNAK Sensor identifies both the psychological & physical health of the person being scanned. It will also detect any irregularities within any of the organs in the body, the symptoms of which may not yet be evident to the person.

This detection of ill-health is achieved in a completely natural and non-invasive manner and requires no physical contact with the person being scanned. It is done merely by looking at the frequencies emitted by the brainwaves.

In layman’s terms, we would say that your body is an orchestra and your brain is the conductor. The brain is providing feedback via frequencies to the KARNAK Sensor that will depict which organs in the body are vibrating at too low and / or too high a frequency.

Karnak Scan
The Karnak Sensor

The KARNAK Sensor can detect, amongst other things:

To book a Karnak scan please email info@lisav.co.za

Your initial Karnak scan will take approximately two hours.
The cost for the initial scan is R700.

All follow-up scans will take approximately one hour.
The cost for a follow-up scan is R350.

The KARNAK Sensor is therefore outstanding for use in the control and prevention of illnesses as well as for evaluating the effectiveness of therapies carried out to rectify any abnormalities previously identified in the body’s systems & organs. For more information on this state-of-the-art device, visit www.KARNAK2000.com.

Upon completion of the scan we’ll establish the factors in your diet, your lifestyle and your medical history that are causing you to be unwell, following which we’ll devise a plan considering natural products, alternative therapies, lifestyle changes, amendments to your diet, nutraceuticals, etc. to help you systematically rectify what concerns you and to help assist you with getting your organs back into alignment so that they can all function naturally again, therefore allowing your body to return to homeostasis.